Is it true that LED lights can save money? See By Yourself.


It's not about how much money you save, it's about how much you can save. I will try to use more calculation than words to make it easier for your understanding.

As explained in the above diagram we can take the example of 100w traditional bulb (Halogen), which if replaced with led light 10-14 watt will provide the same light power (lumens).

The following calculation is used in this survey to make it easy for your understanding, the savings both finance and the environment.

Halogen bulb watt = 100 watt CALCULATION:.............

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24 Money Saving Tips

1. Avoid Credit Cards

Try not to use credit cards if possible, 90% of the people use credit cards on things they don't need and end up with almost double or triple the amount they owe. It's best to save and buy with your savings, no credit burden on your shoulders.

But if the problem is inevitable and you have to get a cred card, use the amount and try to pay back as soon as possible, because the longer the payment will take to get paid, the more you fall into the trap of interest.

If it is hard to pay back the sum on monthly basis, then consider a low cost loan as an alternative, you can do the calculation, a credit card debt of APR 16.8% of £2,500 over five years will cost £1,212 in interest. A loan at 7.8% will cost £527. A sweet savings of £685

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